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Ava Himmel - ACTOR

Ava is a rare bird: a classically trained, dramatic actress with a love of improv and comedy. She portrays real characters with vulnerability and heart while making you laugh at their silly antics.


Originally from the frigid prairies of Canada, Ava made her way south-east, de-thawing slightly in snowy “Hollywood North”, otherwise known as Toronto. She enjoyed roles on many Canadian television dramas including Rookie Blue, Bomb Girls, Flashpoint, etc.  It was also in Toronto, while graduating from the Second City Conservatory program, that people discovered: "oh yeah, she's funny too".


Eventually sunny Los Angeles beckoned. Almost immediately she made her presence known in the commercial world with national ads for such companies as: AT&T, UPS, Samsung, Dunkin Donuts, etc.


When her theatrical work is discussed, many struggle to pigeon hole the type of roles she plays. But whether in a comedy or drama Ava is always drawn to characters who are authentic. They may try to fit in with the status quo around them but in the end she loves playing characters who can liberate and be their true authentic self. 


Having dual US/Canadian citizenship, she is able to work easily on both sides of the border. But, these days, Ava feels most at home in Hollywood with her fellow organic-food eating, yoga maniacs. She promises to chain herself to a palm tree if anyone threatens to make her leave for too long!

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