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Ava Himmel - Coaching

With over 15 years working in casting (both in LA & Toronto) and over 10 years as a Commercial Session Director, Ava has built up a lifetime supply of contacts and experiences in the world of Commercials.

She has been part of THOUSANDS of auditions and callbacks and has pretty much seen it all. Ava knows what separates an “Auditioner” from a “Booker” and how to help you establish an exciting and lucrative career as a Commercial Actor.

Ava has been teaching a monthly Commercial Auditioning Workshop for the SAG-Conservatory since 2017 and appears as an Industry Speaker at classes and panels in Los Angeles. She taught her own highly praised, comprehensive 6-week Commercial Booking Class at Southpaw Studios until the beginning of 2020.

Now with Covid, the casting world is discovering a whole new approach to commercial auditions. Ava has been involved in the new casting landscape throughout the pandemic and has revamped her Commercial Booking Class. This new online class will incorporate the most up to date information on the Commercial Casting process with the timeless fundamentals that every working actor needs to know!

Screen Shot 2020-08-22 at 3.44.27 PM.png

For more information or to register click the button below!

Ava also provides one-on-one Audition Coaching and Career Counseling! This is available for anyone who wants extra preparation on their upcoming audition or needs additional help with a specific part of their commercial acting career. It is open to current/past students as well as newcomers.


More information on the different coaching services is provided below. Click the button to schedule!


At different stages of an actor's career, there are distinct and separate elements of the Commercial casting process on which to focus.​ These may include but are not limited to: career counselling, marketing assistance, agent reachout prep, mock auditions, etc. Time with Ava will be individualized to meet your specific needs.


Specifically for actors who have an upcoming audition and would like assistance taking it to the next level.

Past & Current Students

Virtual Audition Coaching:

$40/ half-hour


$60/ half-hour

Ava will help prepare you for your upcoming virtual audition. She will make sure your setup is showing you off to the best of your ability (camera, lighting, audition space, wardrobe, props, etc.) and will work with you on the audition copy/directions to make sure your performance is the best it can be.

Whether you are completely unsure of how to attack the script, have questions regarding your choices, or just want to work out eyelines and run through the scene a few times for notes - Ava can make sure you go into the virtual audition room with confidence! Sessions are charged by the half-hour and scheduled for a minimum of 30 minutes at a time.

Past & Current Students

Self Tape Audition Coaching:




This is an all inclusive session with Ava! She will assist you from beginning to end and you will walk away with your completed self tape audition. Included in the coaching session is: set up (making sure camera, lighting, and audition space look as good as possible), wardrobe and prop selection, script analysis, and performance coaching. She will even record your audition and send you the appropriate takes. All you need to do is forward it onto casting! This is a more indepth process so sessions are charged by the hour and scheduled for a minimum of 1 hour at a time.


Buy 5 one hour sessions up front for the price of 4!

Past & Current Students

5 One Hour Audition Coaching Sessions:




*Sessions can be used in one-hour or half-hour increments for either Self Tape or Virtual Audition Coaching.

Referral Program!

When you refer an actor to Ava’s Commercial Coaching and they sign up for any of the coaching options - make sure they mention ​your​ name. ​They will get 15% off their purchase and you will get 15% off your next purchase.

Commercial Acting & Auditioning MasterClass with top LA Commercial Casting Session Directors

Part I

Screen Shot 2020-03-17 at 1.36.40 PM.png

Part II

Screen Shot 2020-03-17 at 1.36.40 PM.png

Check out a new podcast Ava was invited to collaborate on. We walk you through the entire commercial audition process with tips that can only come from pros who do this every day. Enjoy!

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