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With over 15 years working in casting (both in LA & Toronto) and over 10 years as a Commercial Session Director, Ava has built up a lifetime supply of contacts and experiences in the world of Commercials.


She has been part of THOUSANDS of auditions and callbacks and has pretty much seen it all. Ava knows what separates an “Auditioner” from a “Booker” and how to help you establish an exciting and lucrative career as a Commercial Actor.


Ava has been teaching a monthly Commercial Auditioning Workshop for the SAG-Conservatory since 2017 and appears as an Industry Speaker at classes and panels in Los Angeles. She also teaches her own highly praised, comprehensive 6-week Commercial Booking Class at Southpaw Studios.


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Check out a new podcast Ava was invited to collaborate on. We walk you through the entire commercial audition process with tips that can only come from pros who do this every day. Enjoy!

Commercial Acting & Auditioning MasterClass with top LA Commercial Casting Session Directors

Part I

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Part II

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