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Ava Himmel - DIRECTOR

Over the years Ava has worked in many different areas of the entertainment industry, building her skill set while learning how all the elements of production come together. Through this process she has realized, this whole time, her experience has been leading her to directing.


Whether through comedies or dramas, she has an innate gift for telling genuine stories about people. Presently she hones her directing skills daily as a Session Director & Camera Operator for commercial casting sessions. This has taught her the technical side of how to use and utilize a camera, as well as innovative framing techniques to create the most visual interest. It has also trained her how to work within a tight timeline to “get the shot”. With her experience both in front and behind the camera, she excels at getting actors to deliver their best performances effectively and efficiently.


With a wealth of knowledge, practical experience, and creative intuitiveness, Ava is now emerging as a director with an extreme talent for crafting a story, and a passion for telling stories about people struggling with authenticity.


As she continues her career, she looks to emulate great directors such as Alejandro Inarritu, whose creative process and resultant films tell stories the way she wants to tell stories. She also admires how Katherine Bigelow makes hard hitting masculine movies without being written off as a “female” director. These are the qualities Ava hopes to be known for as well.


All the experiences and resources Ava has accumulated have given her a keen eye for good quality writing, exceptional talent, and how to transfer it all to the screen. Her goal is to bring the best elements to the table in order to make the best art possible!

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